$10.00 USD

31 clover's of March March Promotion
A Celebration of the Richmouse's Irish Day's
March 1st to March 31st.
A all month long event. Enter your Te now
Only Ten Bucks.
$25.00 USD

Christmas Promotion
The Richmouse Christmas the 31 Days of Richxmas
This is the big end of the year promotion
Costs $25.00 dollars to enter.
$10.00 USD

cinco de Mayo The Fifth of May Celebration
Come Celebrate the Fifth of May
Cinco De Mayo with the Richmouse and get your sties's seen for
Only $10 bucks Join today.
$25.00 USD

halloween promotion
The month of October Fun Trick Or Treating Special Promotion
Give your surfer's some great treat's and sign your traffic exchange up
Only $25 dollars a traffic exchange or safelist's with the surfing option.
$10.00 USD

June Summer promotion
Le's kick summer off with a bang with Richmouse's Start of Summer
Promotion .
Only $10.00 to enter.
$10.00 USD

memorial day Promotion
A celebration honoring those that served in there nation's Armed Forces .
Only Ten dollars to Join
Sign your traffic exchange up today.
$10.00 USD

Spring Promotion for the month of April
The Blast Into Spring Richmouse Promotion
Let's Make This Spring a Blast with a great Traffic Exchange Promotion.
Only Ten dollars to enter . Get your Traffic exchange signed up now!
$15.00 USD

The 31 Days of Freedom
Join the 31 Days of Freedom
Richmouse's July Promotion A 31 day celebration of July and the freedom the come's with being your own boss.
Cost only $15.00 to enter.
$10.00 USD

$5.00 設定費
Valentine's Day Promotion
The Days of Richmouse's Valentine Celebration
Starts February 1st Ends February 28th.
1. Must surf no less than 125 at each Participating Site.
2. Must Report 1 Claim page from each Participating Site.
3. winners selected by most claims Reported.
1st place wins 50% of prize pool
2nd place wins 30% of prize pool
3rd place wins 20% of prize pool.
Costs 15 bucks to enter your traffic exchange or safelist with a surfing option.

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