$10.00 USD

31 clover's of March March Promotion
A Celebration of the Richmouse's Irish Day's
March 1st to March 31st.
A all month long event. Enter your Te now
Only Ten Bucks.
$25.00 USD

Christmas Promotion
The Richmouse Christmas the 31 Days of Richxmas
This is the big end of the year promotion
Costs $25.00 dollars to enter.
$10.00 USD

cinco de Mayo The Fifth of May Celebration
Come Celebrate the Fifth of May
Cinco De Mayo with the Richmouse and get your sties's seen for
Only $10 bucks Join today.
$25.00 USD

halloween promotion
The month of October Fun Trick Or Treating Special Promotion
Give your surfer's some great treat's and sign your traffic exchange up
Only $25 dollars a traffic exchange or safelist's with the surfing option.
$10.00 USD

June Summer promotion
Le's kick summer off with a bang with Richmouse's Start of Summer
Promotion .
Only $10.00 to enter.
$10.00 USD

memorial day Promotion
A celebration honoring those that served in there nation's Armed Forces .
Only Ten dollars to Join
Sign your traffic exchange up today.
$10.00 USD

Spring Promotion for the month of April
The Blast Into Spring Richmouse Promotion
Let's Make This Spring a Blast with a great Traffic Exchange Promotion.
Only Ten dollars to enter . Get your Traffic exchange signed up now!
$15.00 USD

The 31 Days of Freedom
Join the 31 Days of Freedom
Richmouse's July Promotion A 31 day celebration of July and the freedom the come's with being your own boss.
Cost only $15.00 to enter.
$10.00 USD

$5.00 Taxe de instalare
Valentine's Day Promotion
The Days of Richmouse's Valentine Celebration
Starts February 1st Ends February 28th.
1. Must surf no less than 125 at each Participating Site.
2. Must Report 1 Claim page from each Participating Site.
3. winners selected by most claims Reported.
1st place wins 50% of prize pool
2nd place wins 30% of prize pool
3rd place wins 20% of prize pool.
Costs 15 bucks to enter your traffic exchange or safelist with a surfing option.

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